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Erbium Oxide Er2O3

Erbium Oxide (Er2O3) ,

WE 235-045-7

CAS 12061-16-4

Purity of Erbium Oxide min. 99,96%

Packing: 25kg, 500kg, 1000kg

Typical analysis of Erbium Oxide

ER2O3/TREO  min 99,90%

TREO: 99,52 %

RE Impurities






























  • What is it Erbium Oxide?

Erbium oxide, also known as erbium(III) oxide, is a chemical compound with the formula Er2O3. It is a rare earth compound, composed of the rare earth element erbium and oxygen. Erbium oxide is a pinkish-white solid at room temperature and pressure.

Erbium oxide finds various applications, particularly in the field of optics and electronics. It is commonly used as a dopant in optical amplifiers and fiber optic systems due to its ability to efficiently absorb and emit light at wavelengths commonly used in optical communication. Additionally, erbium oxide is used in the production of specialty glasses and ceramics, as well as in the manufacture of phosphors for display screens.

Main Properties of Erbium Oxide:

Melting Point 2400°C
Boiling  Point 3000℃
Density 8.64 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Boiling pressure 0Pa / 25℃
Storage  Room temperature
Solubility soluble in acids
Form pink 
Colour pink
Soluble in water Erbium Oxide is not soluble in water

Chemical Stability: The erbium oxide is chemically stable, which makes it useful in various industrial applications.

Application of Erbium Oxide:

  • In the electronics industry for the production of semiconductors and electronic devices.
  • In optics for the production of optical lenses, lasers, and other optical components.
  • As a catalyst in certain chemical reactions.
  • Erbium oxide is utilized in the glass industry. In the production of permanent magnets.
  2. Badania Naukowe: Tlenek erbu jest również przedmiotem badań naukowych, zwłaszcza w kontekście nanotechnologii i zaawansowanych materiałów.

  3. Erbium Oxide application in Electronic Industry:

Semiconductors: Erbium oxide is used as an ingredient in semiconductor production, particularly in silicon technology. Its presence can influence the electrical properties of semiconductor materials, which is significant in the production of advanced integrated circuits.

Fiber Optic Amplifiers: Erbium oxide is utilized in the production of fiber optic amplifiers, which are crucial for optical fiber transmission in telecommunications. Its optical properties, especially in the near-infrared region, make it suitable for this application.

Magnetic Electronics: In some cases, erbium oxide is used in research on magnetic electronics, where the magnetic properties of this compound can be utilized in special electronic devices.

Dielectric Capacitors: Erbium oxide can be used as a dielectric material in dielectric capacitors, which are electronic components that store electric charge.

Microelectronics: In microelectronics and microchip production, erbium oxide can be employed in the manufacturing process, for example, as an insulating layer or component in dielectrics.

4.  Production and Methods of Obtaining Erbium Oxide:

Obtaining erbium oxide (Er2O3) requires the application of specific chemical processes, and below, we present two main approaches to this:

Dissolution of Erbium in Nitric Acid: The process begins with dissolving metallic erbium in nitric acid (HNO3). This allows obtaining a solution of erbium salts.

Precipitation of Erbium Oxide: Next, to the obtained solution, we add an alkaline substance, such as sodium hydroxide (NaOH). A white precipitate of erbium oxide forms, which can be purified and separated.

Evaporation and Drying: The solution with the precipitate undergoes evaporation, followed by drying of the erbium oxide precipitate. This process ensures the production of a pure product.

Other names:

  • Erbium oxide
  • Oxyde d’erbium
  • Óxido de erbio
  • Erbiumoxid
  • Ossido di erbio
  • Оксид эрбия 
  • 氧化铽 
  • エルビウム酸化物 




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