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Zeolite 4A

Krzemian glinowo sodowy, Stabilzator PVC, Sodium Alumino Silicate


Chemical characteristics/Chemische Eigenschaften (%)

Na2O 17 – 19
Al2O3 28 – 30
SiO2 31 – 34
H2O 18 – 22

Packing: 25, big-bag

Zeolite 4A, fascinating crystalline structures with remarkable properties, have become increasingly prominent across various industries. In this detailed article, we delve into the chemical intricacies and versatile applications of zeolites, emphasizing their pivotal role in different sectors.

Used extensively in the petrochemical industry, zeolites serve as catalysts in refining processes, aiding in the production of cleaner fuels. Their porous structure allows for efficient adsorption and separation of molecules, contributing to improved industrial processes.

In agriculture, zeolites play a crucial role in soil improvement and water retention. Their ability to absorb and release nutrients benefits plant growth, making them valuable additions to fertilizers and soil conditioners.

Beyond that, zeolites are employed in water treatment, acting as effective adsorbents for heavy metals and pollutants. Their ion-exchange properties make them indispensable in purifying water for various applications.

This article provides an in-depth analysis of zeolites, exploring their applications in industry, agriculture, and environmental remediation. Discover the versatility of zeolites and how these unique structures continue to revolutionize processes across different scientific and industrial domains.



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